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Post & Parcels

Sending letters

If your parcel:

  • Weigh under 2kg
  • Is being sent within EU or contains only documents*
  • Don’t need tracking

The University post office will pay for your parcel. Simply use one of the white envelopes supplied by your institution. There should be a barcode in the top right corner that says “Frankeringsservice”. Write the recipient’s name in the lower right area and your own name next to the address in the top left, then put the parcel in outgoing mail. If you use a padded envelope, just write the recipient and sender in the same specified areas and the University post office will put postage on the parcel.

Important notice: The envelopes can only be sent from the University. You cannot send them from normal mailboxes. Doing so would accrue heavy fines on the department. 

*Any parcel being sent outside the EU containing goods other than documents (books for example) must go through customs and has to be sent as a package. See “Sending packages with PostNord” below.

Sending packages with PostNord

If your package is:

  • Under 2kg
  • Being sent within EU
  • Don’t need tracking
  • Isn’t valuable

The University post office will pay for your parcel. If you’re using a padded envelope without postage, just put the recipient’s and the sender’s address on the package and put the package where you usually put outgoing mail.

If your package is:

  • Under 2kg
  • Being sent outside EU
  • Don’t need tracking
  • Isn’t valuable

Then you can use something called “Varubrev 1:a klass”, which is a cheaper way of sending goods outside the EU that doesn’t need the same complicated forms to go through customs. See “Registering packages” down below for instructions.

If your package is one of the following:

  • Between 2-35kg
  • Needs tracking
  • Needs additional insurance
  • Needs to be delivered to a specific person only (i.e., recommended mail)
  • Needs next day delivery within Sweden (i.e., Express)

Then you must register your parcel as a package at See “Registering packages” down below for instructions.

If your package is:

  • Over 35kg

Then it must be loaded on a pallet and sent as such. You can use a quarter, half, or full pallet. See “Registering packages” down below for instructions.

If your package contains something you suspect need special treatment to be sent, such as dry ice, dangerous goods, etc., please check this page if you’re allowed to send it with PostNord:

If you can’t send it with PostNord, please see below for instructions on how to send it with YSDS.


Registering packages:

Important notice: If you’re sending trackable packages outside the EU, you need a taric code. These are codes corresponding to the contents of your package. You need this code before you can proceed. You can find the codes at!/taric/nomenclature/sbn?sd=2023-04-13&d=I&cc=&l=sv&ql=sv&ea=false (Swedish) or by calling Swedish Customs at 0771 – 520 520.

To register a package you’ll need a barcode with 10 numbers beginning with your cost centre or “kostnadsställe”. To see what cost centre you belong to you can log on to and check the lower left corner. You can get these barcodes from the caretaker Ricki or Irma at the kansli.

Once you have your code, log on to If this is your first time sending a package, you can register yourself as a sender in the menu on the left, but there are also generic sender addresses without name. You can add a sender by clicking “Sender Addresses” in the menu on the left. Click on “Freight Order (simplified)” and choose what service you need. On the next page, fill in the form. “Parcel ID” is the number on the barcode. Under service you can choose pallet for applicable countries if you’re shipping a pallet. Once you’re done, click “Send freight order” in the lower right corner.

If you’re sending packages outside the EU you’ll be brought to another form. Here you need to specify, among other things, the purpose for sending your package, the value of your package (can’t be zero), contents, and possibly a taric code. Once you’re done, press “Send freight order” in the bottom right.

PostNord offer additional insurance on valuable parcels up to 2MSEK. To add insurance to your package, please contact the University post office at either universitetsposten [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se (universitetsposten[at]service[dot]lu[dot]se) or phone 046 – 222 7084.

If you’re sending a “Varubrev 1:a klass”, press “Freight Order (Advanced)” in the menu on the left. Fill in the form. Once you change the country to somewhere outside EU, the option to choose “Varubrev First Class International” will become available in the “Service” field. When you’re done press “Send freight order” in the lower right corner. Fill out the next form as well. Remember that value can’t be zero, and that customs in the receiving country might apply VAT to any value you apply depending on the reason for sending your package.

If you’re sending a pallet you need to contact the University post office at universitetsposten [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se (universitetsposten[at]service[dot]lu[dot]se) with your package ID and have them send you the freight label with the internal mail. Once you receive your freight label you need to contact PostNord by calling 0771 – 33 33 10 and order a pickup for your pallet. Put your pallet in the loading dock. Feel free to give PostNord the caretakers contact information for pickup.

Rip off the small part of the barcode that says “Kvitto paketID” and send this to Irma at the kansli, along with information about who’s paying for the postage. Put the barcode clearly visible on your package and put the package where you normally put outgoing mail. If it’s a large package, please put it by the cabinet under the stairs outside the library.

For pricing, please look up your freight service here:


Sending packages with YSDS

To send packages with YSDS – Your Special Delivery Service – you need to fill out a form. Contact the caretaker Ricki for the form. You can get pricing and additional information from YSDS on their email order [dot] swe [at] ysds [dot] com (order[dot]swe[at]ysds[dot]com) or phone 040 – 605 65 00. This is an admittedly easier way of sending packages, but it’s a lot pricier.

YSDS use DHL as their courier and put their own fees on top of whatever DHL charge. We’ve also experienced that YSDS change the specified freight service depending on the contents of the package, charging five times the price. To make sure the freight service and pricing is correct, please contact YSDS directly.

Once you’ve filled out your form and sent it to YSDS, you can put your package at the marked spot outside the caretaker’s office, 134, for pickup.


If you have questions or need help with the process, please contact Ricki at ricki [dot] olsson [at] cgbkansli [dot] lu [dot] se (ricki[dot]olsson[at]cgbkansli[dot]lu[dot]se) or 046 – 222 0194.

Photo: Helena Alexanderson